Social media exists, its the primary source of communication today. If you have something to sell, to say, or to share…. social media done right is a huge game changer.

Join us for 2 full days, and you will go home with 12 months worth of content, with out feeling stupid or wondering what the heck to post!

Create Enough Content For A Year Of Posts
Get Your Message To Match Your Visuals!
Social Media Impact – Stop Them From Scrolling Past You

Engage and Influence – Turn SCROLLERS to SIGNUPS

You don’t need fancy equipment, just your cell phone and a ring light. You will learn to be your own content creator, never hire a photographer again! Pictures above taken with a selfie ring light and our cell phones. Let us teach you the tricks that professionals use, with out the celebrity budget! You’ll be a content creator for life.

Do you want to create real social media impact, and let your message be remembered? Everything is heading towards video, and images…. that’s the way to get people to stop scrolling, and actually look at your content. Does your social media match your message?

All of those images above, we are both the models and the photographers. I will teach you all my inside tricks to creating content, and making your visual message stand out. Whether you are completely uncomfortable in front of a camera, or you shine, we are going to take your content creation to the next level, and get that ‘wow’ factor!

Even if you are confused about what to post, we are going to spend day one planning all your content with our content creation system. You will be comfortable with the content, because it will be YOUR content, and your message. We promise you will never feel or look stupid. You are going to be amazing!

On day two, I have a make up artist coming in to make sure you look your best FOR THOSE THAT WANT IT! I have an image consultant that will be onsite to give you the best advice, and to be able to always be consistent in your look and message.

Then, we will head to the studio and spend about 4 hours shooting your content for the year. We are excited to reveal all our secrets, whether you want to get started on TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook. We can show you how to take advantage of video and photos – and start to create real influence through social media.